Wealth Management

As an independent investment advisory firm, using an open architecture platform, we understand that every investor is unique. With different investment needs, an in-depth review of each individual’s requirements and objectives is carried out. Accordingly, a tailored investment strategy is devised, based on sound investment advice.

With your goals in mind and risk appetite gauged, you can benefit from the team’s deep-seated experience, as well as the breadth of the network and global partnerships at RM Private Wealth Management, which provide access to the world’s leading sources of investment expertise.

As assets are structured and portfolios continuously monitored, a cohesive balance between risks and rewards is ensured, for your objectives to be met.


Consolidation services allow for a global understanding of your portfolio position, at a glance. Clients can also access performance statistics across multiple disciplines and custodian institutions and track the status of each investment.

As an independent investment advisory firm, the team works towards capturing maximal value for clients’ personal assets, incorporating professionalism and investors’ best interests in every transaction.

Corporate Finance

The advisory team at RM Private Wealth Management works closely with you, to plan and map out the entire process, from deal conceptualization to completion. The team also guides your financial transactions, through close monitoring, to ensure a successful outcome.

Our corporate advisory services cover capital increases, private placements, financing, bank loans, securitization, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and company valuations.


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